Muskoka is experiencing a lot of change. Waterfront over development, blue green algae blooms, excessive tree clearing, increased noise, and overall reduction in the quality Muskoka experience. Vote to keep Muskoka, Muskoka. Respect. Preserve. Protect. Pass it on…

Sugarloaf Island

Excessive tree clearing and blasting

I’m a seasonal resident. Can I vote in the October 2022 election in Muskoka?

Yes, you can vote in each municipality in Ontario where you own or rent property.  So you and your spouse or common-law partner can both vote in the Muskoka municipal election and the municipal election where you live permanently.

I’m an American but I own a cottage in Muskoka. Can I vote?

No, you must be a Canadian citizen to be eligible to vote.

I’m a Canadian seasonal resident but I live outside of Canada. Can I vote?

Yes, all Canadian citizens who own property in Ontario may vote in the municipal election where they own property.

Can my adult child vote in Muskoka?

Only the property owner and their spouse or common-law partner may vote, unless the property is your adult child’s permanent or main residence.  They may, however,  vote if they rent property in Muskoka on Election Day (Including from a seasonal resident).

Do I have to register to vote?

You must be on the voters’ list to be eligible to vote. If you are not on the voters’ list, you must register.  Check today at your municipalities page. 

Can I vote on-line?

Yes.  All voting for the upcoming municipal election is online or by phone. You will receive a Voter Information card in the mail at your permanent address before voting day.   It will provide information on how to vote online or by phone.

I’m having trouble looking up my property on Voterlookup.  I can’t find it.

Try the following:

Many islands and some mainland roads in Muskoka do not seem to  be searchable.  In these instances, please contact your municipal clerk here.

How do I know what ward I’m in?

This information will be on your Voter Information card that will be mailed to you before the election.  

Ward maps available here.  

I’m thinking of running for Council.  When do I have to decide?

Candidates may submit their nomination anytime before 2pm on Nomination Day,  August 19, 2022.  

For more information visit your municipal government website.

If you are considering running in Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Township of Muskoka Lakes or Seguin and would like to speak with someone from the MLA or Friends of Muskoka, please contact president@mla.on.ca or info@friendsofmuskoka.ca