You and your spouse or partner can vote in BOTH your permanent home AND your cottage municipal elections!

Critical Muskoka Issues

Muskoka needs elected representatives who will prioritize responsible development, environmental protection and strong fiscal management – to Respect, Preserve and Protect Muskoka

  • No more excessive tree clearing and blasting 
  • No more residential subdivisions on our shorelines – 27 km of Muskoka shoreline are at risk without strong resort  development policies 
  • Protect water quality for swimming and drinking  
  • Promote watershed management to mitigate flooding
  • Effective by-law enforcement  
  • Responsible and transparent budgets and taxation 
  • Promote a year-round economy, with high-speed internet and affordable housing
  • Address irresponsible short term rentals 
  • No conflicts of interest


The 2022 Muskoka municipal election is October 24th and you can vote anytime between October 17 and 24.  You will receive a Voter Information Letter from your municipality at your permanent address sometime in September.  It will include all of the information you need to vote, including your personal PIN, the website address and a telephone number for those who prefer to vote by phone, as well as detailed instructions on voting. 

Watch this helpful video on YouTube.


Community associations across Muskoka have worked together to identify candidates best suited to find solutions to the critical issues facing Muskoka. Their recommendations are published below and will be updated when the interview process is complete in each municipality. 

Friends of Muskoka and the Muskoka Lakes Association are pleased to announce their Endorsed Candidates Lists for the upcoming October 24th municipal elections. These candidates are the ones the MLA Board of Directors and FOM believe are best suited to find solutions to the critical issues facing Muskoka, and will prioritise responsible development and strong fiscal management. 


Town of Bracebridge

TOWN of Gravenhurst

seguin Township